Best Round Glass Coffee Tables Review

When it comes to our homes, it is all about specifics. Personal touches. When someone walks into my home, I want them to immediately get a sense of who I am by the choices I make in my furnishings. Most people don’t know where to start.

“Do I want to express my artistic side?”

“Do I want to showcase my inner strength?”

“What is MY style?”

The answer to these questions only you can answer. I am here to give a little inspiration. Today we are looking at coffee tables.

Some might say the most highly used furnishings in our formal living rooms or family areas (aside from the couch). Let’s take a look, and compare the 2 most sought after kinds of coffee tables:

  • Round Glass Coffee Tables
  • White Glass Coffee Tables

Classic and seamless, glass tables are a beauty all their own. Mixed with a circular shape and you have a very soft and organic piece for your room.

Let’s take a look at the “Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Round Cocktail Coffee Table” which you can find here:


Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top


This simple and modern design is a great staple to fit with any design style. The chrome structure will certainly fall in with any cool colors in your home, but in contrast will pop against warm tones.

It will also offer a strong contrast against textured upholstery. The elegant design of the legs will certainly make it stand out on its own, but will not overpower other signature piece you may currently already have. At only 33.5 inches in width, you can fit it into even the smallest spaces.

On the other hand, we have a very modern design that is not as versatile, yet makes a bold statement, with the “Inspire Q Lorin Cool Round Glass Coffee Table”.

What makes it so bold you ask? It has a light up LED Accent light attached to it which you can see here:


INSPIRE Q Lorin Cool Round Glass Coffee Table


This is made from tempered glass so it will be slightly more durable. Measuring at 29.5 inches in diameter, it is the perfect size for the light show that insues once turned on. If you have a taste for flair and are looking for a show piece, this is definitely one for you.

These three tables will run you anywhere from $130.00 to $220.00. Easily fitting into a standard budget.

Keeping with the chrome finish, but adding a more elegant touch, we have the “Coaster Home Furnishings 702588 Contemporary Coffee Table” seen here:


Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Coffee Table

At just around 150+ dollars, this gorgeous display of chrome with a nickel finish and glass is the perfect glamour piece. It is highly sophisticated with it’s perfectly curved base.

The glass tabletop also highlights and accentuates the mirror reflection beautifully. This table would be set made for a fairytale if placed in a white washed room.

The cool silver compared to the starkness of different variations of white would give any room a severely upscale vibe.

Also paired with a dark navy blue, this compliments that they would give each other would make you feel as though you were living in someone else’s house.

Want to switch out the medal base, why not try a table with a white base design element? As we see in the “Global Furniture Clear Occasional Coffee Table” found here:


Global Furniture Clear Occasional Coffee Table


The circular designed legs add an extra pop to this piece while the white gloss finish continues the modern and open feel that naturally comes with a glass top table.

This particular option comes with a 1 year warranty which is a great added bonus for it’s lower price of less than 150.

If you have a little extra room to play with but still want to keep with a white glass coffee table, check out the “Panorama Cocktail Table” shown here:



This solid hardwood white coffee table has the added bonus of a tempered glass display top. Each drawer will provide 4 dividers which can be removed if you so choose to do so.

I particularly love that you can choose to use the drawer display as either a showcase or as a very functional addition so you no longer have to guess which drawer something is in.

The practicality of it will be up to you. The lower shelf area is also a great place to store extra books and magazines. This customization comes at a higher price, but is still under $300.00.

Glass tops can bring such a clean, chic and modern edge to most furnishings. Make sure to “ground” them in any setting.

Some people purchase glass tables because they want them to almost disappear, allowing other furnishings to shine.

Others want to make them the showcase. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you take into consideration the traffic flow in your home.

A glass table can be dangerous in a heavy flow area. Also, make sure to invest in a really great glass cleaner!

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