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Best Round Coffee Tables With Stools


Whether you have a large space or small space, round coffee tables with stools can be a great solution. You will keep a consistent design element, and the functionality of it cannot be beat.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the best round table with stools that I have seen. These come ready to deliver without the need of customization for those short on time.

Let’s begin with the “ Modern Black Vinyl Round Coffee Table with Tempered Glass and Four Mini Stools” that you may see here:


Modern Black Vinyl Round Coffee Table


This is a great solution for large corporate spaces. The black coloring always gives a chic look to any space.

The vinyl mini stools that accompany it are easily cleaned with most standard cleaners, which removes the worry of having to deal with specialty products.

These tables have solid lines along with a tempered glass top which make them neutral enough to have multiple tables set up for mass seating without taking up too much prime retail space.

Whether it is at a chic boutique fitting room or an upscale lounge, this is sure to appease the masses.

Not looking for retail space and want it in your home? A recreation room is the perfect place for this. Set up for a good talk and a laugh with your friends and family, or use it as a game table.

With the glass top, messes are easily cleaned. While it is not in use, discretely tuck away the stools and display your favorite accessories on top.

With the stools tucked in, it will give the clean a sleek black exterior. This table costs about $350.00 and usually ships within 1 to 4 business days.

If black vinyl is not your “cup of tea”, take a look at the “Magnussen Juniper Wood Round Cocktail Table with four stools seen here:


Magnussen Juniper Wood Round Cocktail Table


The price is almost double that of the vinyl, coming in at just under 550 dollars. Mostly in part because of the materials used.

This urban feel round table and stools is constructed of hardwood solids and a tempered 5 mm glass top. The wood is then finished in a sleek Mink Brown.

The table (with seats tucked in) sits 20 inches high and 40 inches in length. Weighing in at 144 lbs., you will want to be very careful on selecting the perfect spot the first time for this piece.

Make sure, when you are taking measurement, you allow for a comfortable amount of excess space so that when the stools are taken out, a full size adult may comfortably sit there.

With the Mink Brown finish contrasting with the open base and cream padded stool tops, this particular round coffee table and stools will allow a space to still feel much more open.

This allows it to work in both smaller living quarters, as well as large spaces. The cons of this particular item are the light colored tops. Overtime, they will show much more wear and stains from it’s other counterparts.

The perfect middle ground between the two can be found in the “Contemporary Dark Brown Marion Cocktail Table” which may be purchased here:


Contemporary Dark Bown Marion Cocktail Table


Priced at around 300+ dollars, this is a great purchase for most family units or young adults with roommates. This round coffee table with stools is made of veneers, wood and a beveled glass top.

The four included upholstered stools are top with a faux leather to achieve a chic look, even when tucked away.

As with the vinyl, the faux leather is much easier to clean with standard cleaners rather than specialty projects, which makes this a family friendly unit as well, even for small children.

During parties and special events, set the stools around the house for those that want to grab a quick seat.

I personally love the idea of an “upscale kids table” during family get together and holidays. Say goodbye to the dreaded fold out card table and booster seats.

Once thing I really love about this particular brand is model is that the stools almost completely disappear once they are tucked away.

The wedge shape of the seats fits in perfectly with the leg of the table and looks almost seamless. Some assembly is required but for the price range, that is pretty standard.

As you can see, the options and use of the round coffee table and stools is endless. If you ever find that you have outgrown the need for the stools, store them away and you will still have a beautiful and stable coffee table to use. These are pieces that are meant to grow with you. Whether it be for a company or personal.


Best Convertible Coffee Tables Review


This solid hardwood white coffee table has the added bonus of a tempered glass display top. Each drawer will provide 4 dividers which can be removed if you so choose to do so.

I particularly love that you can choose to use the drawer display as either a showcase or as a very functional addition so you no longer have to guess which drawer something is in.

The practicality of it will be up to you. The lower shelf area is also a great place to store extra books and magazines. This customization comes at a higher price, but is still under $300.00.

The Best Convertible Coffee Tables

Whether you are working with a large or small space, anything that has multi-functions and extra storage is a bonus.

Here we will cover both convertible coffee tables and specifically extendable coffee tables. These particular tables are an organizers dream.

Take the “Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table”, found here:


Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table


Priced at around 200 dollars, this Espresso finish convertible coffee table is perfect for added storage needs. All closed up, this looks like a standard rectangular coffee table.

However, it is equipped with two deep bottom drawers. Great for storing items that you may not have a daily use for, or throw blankets that you don’t want out all the time.

The table top panel also slides off to reveal two deep storage boxes that can easily store 10 books or more each.

The downside, since the top panel slides off rather than lifts, you must first clear the table top off first to make sure that nothing falls and breaks.

Assembly is required which will also be time consuming as the drawers will be assembled separately as well.

If you have the patience and balance to overcome the cons, this might be a dream come true for both your everyday needs and your budget.

Not all convertible coffee tables mean drawers and lifted lids. What about a table that rise and lower in seconds for your particular need? That is exactly what you will find with the “Corner Housewares Transforming X Table” found here:


Corner Housewares Transforming X Table


Priced at around 300 dollars mark, this table has a max height of 30 inches. It can, however, fold down to twice its size in seconds. Great for small children so they will not require a booster seat.

You may be thinking that this is a steep price for a table the only goes up in down. This particular convertible coffee table will also morph into a full size dining table (large enough to fit 4-6 people) in seconds. No bulky table inserts necessary.

All you need to do is simply fold the table out and you’re done. Although this table may not have some of the beauty and charm as others, it is an absolute necessity for anyone that is living in a small space.

While we are on the subject of transforming tables, let’s take a look at this extendable coffee table, the “Lennox Coffee Table with Swivel Wheels” which can be found here:


Lennox Coffee Table

Sitting at the higher end of our price mark, this modern extendable table is made of tempered glass.

The support beam and wheel are made of chrome to add a nice cool design to the solid bent glass piece. Perfect for those looking for a minimum design style.

If you find a need for more space, you simply need to pull the extendable leg out and seconds later you have an additional 27 inches of table space.

If you have a more Americana style, we have got you covered. I personally love the dark wood on white that is on the “Furniture of America Selma Extendable Coffee Table” shown here:


Furniture of America Selma Extendable Coffee Table



This extendable coffee table has a dark walnut finish that covers the MDF and wood veneers that it is made of.

Don’t let that fool you for it’s weight that comes in at a large 87 lbs! This has to do, in part, with all of the functions that come along with it.

There are 2 base drawers located on the bottom with a convenient pull hole. A top of that are additional divided shelves for easy accessible items.

You may keep the extendable table closed for everyday use and enjoy a complete dark walnut finish. Or, you may pull the two extendable pieces out that reveal a white centerpiece that lies flush with extenders.

This is a great tool for hosting parties, projects that require more surface area, or to just switch things up a bit.

The downside of this table is that when put together, the walnut extenders will not completely touch the ground, and there is not a locking mechanism to keep them in place.

This will work well for a family of older children, but pets and young toddlers may easily bump it out of place.

The possibilities and customizations or convertible and extendable coffee tables is endless! Write down notes on what you would like to store in your coffee table.

When thinking of a finishing, write down what kind of wear and tear you can guarantee that it will have.

For instance, if you know that you will probably be putting your keys and a drink on your table almost daily, make sure that you do not get a soft wood that will scratch easily.

If you will have food on it constantly, choose a dark wood over a light and it will do a much better job at hiding any stains.


Best Wrought Iron Coffee Tables Review


Wrought Iron Coffee Tables are a great way to go if you want a lot of texture, but not a huge price tag, ranging anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00.

Wrought iron coffee tables are a great addition to very traditional style homes and interiors. Colonial pieces and interior designs often incorporate them as there is a lot of versatility when it comes to the top of the table options.

Many choose to have a wrought iron base with a wood frame and glass insert, such as the “Prentice Cocktail Table” shown here:


Prentice Cocktail Table


This particular piece is made of a dark cherry wood and beveled tempered glass insert. The beveled glass adds an extra dimension to the table and gives a distinct separation between that and the wooden frame.

If you will take a moment and notice the very ornate design or the wrought iron table legs and connectors, this is very common with most wrought iron tables.

This is a great example of how mixed media does not always have to have an “industrial” feel. As with most tables that involve iron, they do tend to run on the heavier side. This particular piece weighs about 47 lbs.

As I said, the type of tops that you choose to put on a wrought iron coffee table are endless. This particular table, the “Hillsdale Furniture 4815OTC Brookside 48″ Rectangular Fossil Coffee Table” featured here:


Rectangular Fossil Coffee Table


It has an Ivory Colored Fossil Stone with the wrought iron base.

The contrast between the ivory stone and the dark iron base is simply stunning. The extreme contrast immediately draws your eye to the piece.

Once it is there, it continues through the stone work and then down to the intricate pattern at the base. Beautiful from top to bottom and not one detail missed.

As with most stone work, it is heavy. This wrought iron coffee table is 101 lbs! Not hard to understand why is has a price tag of $235.00

If detail is what you are looking for, this one has it all! The “Poundex Firebird Series Coffee Table Round Glass And Rod Iron Finish” featured here:


Poundex Firebird Series Coffee Table


At only 40 lbs, it certainly is on the smaller side, mostly because of the glass top. What it lacks in weight, it makes up for in pure style.

The rich antique two-tone finish gets it on old world feel without being dated. Timeless would be a better word to describe it.

To sit at this table would give you a sense of peace and calm. The brass detail along the top adds an extra texture and dimension to the piece.

This could easily be paired with a contemporary ivory straight back chair to add contrast and new age to the setting.

If richness is what you are searching for, a rich leather arm chair with complimentary nail head detail would make for the perfect completion in any den.

This piece also comes with a 1 year warranty, which for the price, is simply amazing. I would personally give this wrought iron coffee table a 5 out 5 stars as it is not only charming, but very complimentary to all styles. This is a piece that will grow you and your family.

Another piece that, much like the one above, is much more versatile, is the “Rafferty Round Cocktail Table” which is available here:


Rafferty Round Cocktail Table


This wrought iron coffee table is iron metal all throughout! The top has been stained to give dimension to an otherwise standard iron color.

This detail will be a compliment to any accessories that you may choose to display on top of the piece.

The nail head trim is another detail that stands out. The tear drop design at the base of the legs along with the classic etched metal accent swirls that complete the table legs is a piece of art all its own.

In a room, this wrought iron table will immediately grabbed your attention with its Art Nouveau flair.

Long after the first gaze, you will continue to see more and more hand applied finishes upon further inspection. It is hard to believe that something with so much detail is only priced at under $220.00.

Make sure to take in consideration that this table surface is on the large size. It is only 20 inches high but has a width of 42 inches which is a lot of space when dealing with a round table top. At 69 lbs you will also want to make sure that you have two people when moving the table.

As you can see, wrought iron coffee tables, in and of them selves, can be a work of art. The beautiful and intricate details are found on almost every single one.

A word of caution, make sure that you care as recommended. Use the correct cleaners, especially on metal surfaces.

This will preserve the life of your table as well as protect the integrity of the metal. As we all know, metal can rust over time with continued exposure to liquids.

Make sure to always use a coaster and to quickly clean up any spills or liquid that comes in contact with it. As rustic and charming as these antique finishes may be, rust no longer says antique, it says “time to replace me”.


Best Blue Coffee Table Reviews


The color blue a color that is both calming and energizing. Depending on the particular shade, it not only has a dramatic impact on our psyche, but it also unleashes a creative side that not everyone possesses. If this articles title has peeked your interest, then you have got the creative bug.

In interior design, a blue coffee table is considered an accent piece. Something that will “pop” and stand out from everything else around it.

You may compliment this accent with pops of the same color throughout the rest of the space, or you can let it stand alone in all of it’s glory (something that I personally love and recommend).

Take a look at the “ Manhattan Comfort Madison 1.0 Series Round Coffee Table” that may be found here:


Manhattan Comfort Madison 1.0 Series Round Coffee Table


An absolute steal, at around the 100 dollars mark, for so much boldness. This blue coffee table measures in at approximately 36 inches long and 25 lbs.

The perfect size for any standard living space. With it’s high gloss finish, not only will your eye catch the color, but the light refracting off of it will give it an extremely modern edge.

The 3 sided geometric base will also give it a ton of support. Able to withstand a good amount of weight.

Minimal assembly in required with this blue coffee table, but all of the hardware is included.

If you are looking for something that is possibly a bit more muted, not as bold, then let me bring your attention to the “Convenience Concepts Oslo Coffee Table” in the Blue Piano Finish.


Convenience Concepts Oslo Coffee Table


Priced very reasonably at less than 100 dollars, this is a purchase that may be made spur of the moment, without guilt if you want or need to replace it after a couple of years.

The solid wood legs ground the piece and allows for the Blue Piano Finish to not become overpowering. Weighing in at only 17 pounds but a long length of approximately 43 inches, you will have many placement and usage options with this piece.

Whether you are using it for arts and crafts with the kids of to bring a little color and life to a dull and neutral colored room, this table will provide a lot of uses.

A bonus of this table is the rounded edges. A great safety feature for small children and pets, which are notorious for bumping their heads frequently on table edges.

Working with a small space, or just don’t have a need for a large surface area? That is where the “Joveco Triangle Pattern Metal End Table/ Side Table/ Sofa Table/ Coffee Table (Blue)” which you can find here:


Joveco Triangle Pattern Metal Coffee Table


This small coffee table measures in at only 5 pounds and approximately 18.7 inches long, but can hold a lot of weight. 220 lbs. to be exact.

Made completely of iron, this blue coffee table was made to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. That’s a lot of functionality for the nominal price tag of around 70 dollars.

The modern weave design, combined with the bright teal color allows this blue coffee table to stand out in any setting.

With it’s durability and large weight limit, it can multi function as a stool for extra setting during special parties or everyday use. For the price and the multi purpose use of this particular coffee table, I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

Lastly we come to our mid-century inspired “Modern Paint-dipped Round Shaped Spindle Wooden Accent Tray Top Cocktail Coffee Table with Metal Legs” in sky blue, seen here:


Wooden Accent Tray Top Cocktail Coffee Table


This table hits the top of our price range for blue coffee tables, at $161.99. Still a great price that can fit most budgets.

The classic tray top design gives a feeling of a cozy bed and breakfast. The light sky blue color works great with gray colors and neutrals alike.

Adding a fun element to any room. If you have an existing earth tone palette this particular blue would work well with browns or complementary golden tones to accentuate the blonde wood tips on the legs. The top is constructed out of Brentwood while the legs are composed of rubber wood and metal tube legs.

Some assembly is required for this 35.43 inch diameter table.

I hope these examples have shown you that going for an accent color, especially a blue color, is not as scary as it seems.

There are many fun options out there, and they do not all have to be grand gestures. Start small, such as the Joveco Triangle pattern table.

It is small enough that it could even be used as two end tables instead of one large, bright centerpiece.

The more comfortable that you become with accent colors and accent furniture, such as the blue coffee tables, the more fun your house will become.

The important thing to remember is that the lines must be kept clean. Everything show above was small and streamlined.

With too much bulk in the design, a blue coffee table can become loud and overpowering. Especially in a small space.


Best Triangle And Rectangular Tables Review


What about those that do not want anything traditional? You’ve seen all the rectangle, square and circle designs that you can possibly stomach and they just aren’t for you! What would you say to Triangles? The triangle shape is not something that you often see in furniture design.

This is probably because it is not efficient. With only 3 angles, you miss valuable surface space, whether it but on tables or upholstered items.

If you don’t care about maximized surface space and want something that is more of a sculpture, a piece of art, this section is for you.

Let’s take a look at the “Triangle Coffee Table” found here:


Triangle Coffee Table in Cherry


This piece will cost you well over 300 dollars. Pretty steep for a glass top table. Being unique is not cheap, but it is also never boring.

This triangle coffee table has a solid wood base. One piece of wood was constructed and bent to make the base of this table. Not something that is easily done, but has a beautiful result.

Due to the fact that it is all one piece, this particular triangle table weighs about 99 lbs. Hard to imagine just by looking at it.

The weight might also have to do with the fact that this table in 50 inches wide. So make sure that you have plenty of room for this abstract shape.

The tempered glass top is ¾ inch thick which gives it much more durability. The surfaces are easy to clean, but with all glass tops, you run the risk of dealing with daily fingerprints on the table.

Not an issue for some, but especially those with small children, I wouldn’t recommend. The only other concern I can see here is how the top glass is connected to the wood base? Is it just simply place on top with the weight of the glass as the only factor keeping it from shifting? If that is the case, I again would not recommend this to anyone with small children, or even large pets.

One good shove and there goes half the table. One last con of this particular triangle coffee table, the product can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to ship.

If you are not in a rush; then no problem. If you are looking for more instant gratification, I would keep searching. I would rate to design aspect a 5 out of 5 stars, however the actual construction leaves room for questions.

If you don’t want to wait 3 months, and are on a smaller budget, here is a great option for you. The “Inkivy Blaze Triangle Wood Coffee Table” show here:


INKIVY Blaze Triangle Wood Coffee Table


This pecan finish triangle coffee table is priced at around 200 dollars. At 40 inches long and 29 inches wide, it is made completely of wood but weighs a fraction of the previous triangle coffee table, coming in it 29 lbs.

You will notice on the legs that they continue with the triangular motif thoughout from top to bottom.

The three legs themselves make up a triangular pattern while adding a very strong support to the entire table using the pressure method of construction.

As we saw with the triangle coffee tables, the mixture of glass and wood can have a very fun and modern effect.

It adds a different text and element to the standard primary wood coffee tables. Shown here are some unique takes on wood coffee tables with glass tops.

The “Shelby Glass Top Coffee Table with Quatrefoil Underlay” that is shown here:


Shelby Glass Top Coffee Table


At first just looks like your standard rectangle coffee table. Once you get closer, however, you will see a fun surprise detail.

This 40 inch wide table has two tempered glass panels installed on the top. These glass panels are designed with a quatrefoil design under the paned glass top, so not to disturb the smooth table top surface.

The lower shelf not only provides storage, but can also serve as a fun peek-a-boo display through the above glass pane.

The legs have also been given a beautiful tapered bottom finish to add to the small details of this piece. At around 120 dollars, you definitely get a lot of fun details.

The “Tangkula Rectangular Glass Coffee table”that is shown here:


Tangkula Rectangular Glass Coffee Table


Is certainly a far cry from traditional.

Falling in at a price tag of around 70 dollars, this high interior look does shows that it does not always have to come at a high price. Available in both a Dark and Bright wood finish, the legs are made of MDF and Wood veneer.

The top of the table is made with a 41 inch long tempered glass piece with Chrome supports. The bottom shelf is also a tempered glass that is 27.5 inches in length of excess storage space.

At 42 lbs. the unit is not too heavy that it would prevent you from being able to move it easily. As far a design goes, I think that this piece is a lot of fun.

I can imagine this piece in a student loft or in a modern, streamline settings. If that describes you, look no further.

The difference between a triangular and rectangular top all boils down to personal preference and need. It’s not to say that you can’t have a unique element to an otherwise standard table, or go out of your comfort zone to try something new.

The one issue that both of these types have is space. Make sure to really map out your area. Not just the dimension of the table, but at least a 2 to 3 foot berth between the edge of the table and another furnishing.

Nothing is worse than a room with “too big furniture” You will quickly find yourself forging through your own home like tunnels in an ant farm.


Best Slate Coffee Tables Review


One thing you can always be sure to stay in place is the Slate Coffee Table. These are favorite of artists and antique collectors the world around.

I personally love them because no two tables are the same due to the natural slate that comes with them. If you like the idea of uniqueness, this just might be the one for you!

Take a look at the “Sunny Designs 3143DC Santa Fe Coffee Table” found here:


Sunny Designs 3143DC Santa Fe Coffee Table


The rich tones of the deep wood and natural slate are a guarantee to warm up any living space! The price of uniqueness will cost you however. For this particular one, the price will be around 500 dollars.

The rich tones of the deep wood and natural slate are a guarantee to warm up any living space! The price of uniqueness will cost you however.

If you want something that is built to last, this is the way to go! The antique bronze hardware that is accompanied with this slate coffee table is a gorgeous detail that you will not find in modern pieces.

Choose your positioning in your home carefully as this table will weigh a whopping 101 lbs! Definitely not something that you will want to move more than once.

The drawers are dovetailed which is a sure sign of quality to furniture aficionados. You will also want to pay close attention to cleaning recommendations as you do not want to use anything that will be too harsh on the stone or dry out the wood.

If you are looking for a slate coffee table that is not as expensive, heavy or bulky, take a look at the “Rustic Medium Brown Zander Cocktail Table” found here:


Rustic Medium Brown Zander Cocktail Table


Priced at about 150 bucks, this is a much more affordable option for those that are looking for a slate coffee table, but are on a budget.

This table also has the natural slate that was designed with a mosaic inspiration. The legs and support of this slate table is made from birch veneers and metal finished in an aged bronze color.

The weight is still nothing to guffaw at, coming in at 68.3 lbs, but it is an improvement from it’s 101 lb. counterpart.

The slate coffee tables are not as versatile as most when it comes to partnering with other design styles. They are so rich in color and typically come in antique accents that it must be complimented throughout the entire theme.

Think very seriously in regards to your color scheme before purchasing. Also, try to pinpoint a certain color in the stone that you would like to accentuate with other furnishings or accessories in the room. This will really allow the slate coffee table to stand out rather than blend in.

If a rectangular shape is what you are looking for but want more versatility in design that you don’t have with a slate top, we have some of the most popular listings here.

Rectangular shaped tables are the most commonly used and it is no wonder. Coffee tables are most often placed in front of a sofa or love seat that are always rectangular in shape.

Depending on what type of upholstered couch you have, make sure to compliment it with a table that can stand out.

For instance, here we have the, Boraam 3211 Zabra Series Halmstad Coffee Table” featured in a rich walnut:


Boraam 32211 Zebra Series Halmstad Coffee Table


This particular piece is definitely a re-envisioned retro piece from the 1960’s and 70’s. At a price of about 300 dollars, it is more on the expensive side for a hardwood and veneer construction, but what you are buying is a style.

The zebra veneer is a fun way to add a little flair to your rectangle coffee table without being over the top. The two divided underlying shelves are also a nice touch and great storage for loose items that would otherwise clutter your table top.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love the curved edges all around. Not only does it add an esthetically pleasing look, but it is also great for families of young children as you will not have to worry about them running or falling into the hard corner edge of tables.

Nothing ruins a beautiful table like thick and ugly rubber stoppers surrounding all of your wood furnishings.

At 36 lbs it is easily movable and will stand on it’s own against any upholstered furniture that it is paired with.

Not only are the leg placements more sound for stability (which has a max weight limit of 59 lbs), they give the table a much more interesting look than standard table legs that are placed at the furthest corners.

I would certainly give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the look and functionality of this particular rectangle coffee table.

This next rectangle coffee table has textures galore! The “Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table”, shown here:


Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table


It is a best seller and I don’t think it is hard to see why!

The price tag of about 150 dollars can not be beaten, especially for what you are getting. Both the top of the table as well as the bottom shelf are solid wood.

The are held together by metal frames that are placed at an angle for extra stability. Because of the solid wood this table weighs approximately 60 lbs and allows for 48 inches of uninterrupted table top space.

This is a huge selling point for me as someone who has had a wood table top that was made up of wooden planks rather than one solid piece, as this table is.

With planks, food, spilled drinks, or regular dust and grime can get stuck in between which can be a very tedious chore to clean up. With this seamless piece, just wipe and you are done.

The distressed finish of the wood mixed with the metal legs gives a great industrial feel to this table. It is extremely versatile in that it can be matched with clean lined contemporary pieces to add a more “earthy” feel, or paired with other country of textured furnishings as the wood grains and deep color stain will not compete with much more accentuated pieces.


Best Round Glass Coffee Tables Review


When it comes to our homes, it is all about specifics. Personal touches. When someone walks into my home, I want them to immediately get a sense of who I am by the choices I make in my furnishings. Most people don’t know where to start.

“Do I want to express my artistic side?”

“Do I want to showcase my inner strength?”

“What is MY style?”

The answer to these questions only you can answer. I am here to give a little inspiration. Today we are looking at coffee tables.

Some might say the most highly used furnishings in our formal living rooms or family areas (aside from the couch). Let’s take a look, and compare the 2 most sought after kinds of coffee tables:

  • Round Glass Coffee Tables
  • White Glass Coffee Tables

Classic and seamless, glass tables are a beauty all their own. Mixed with a circular shape and you have a very soft and organic piece for your room.

Let’s take a look at the “Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Round Cocktail Coffee Table” which you can find here:


Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top


This simple and modern design is a great staple to fit with any design style. The chrome structure will certainly fall in with any cool colors in your home, but in contrast will pop against warm tones.

It will also offer a strong contrast against textured upholstery. The elegant design of the legs will certainly make it stand out on its own, but will not overpower other signature piece you may currently already have. At only 33.5 inches in width, you can fit it into even the smallest spaces.

On the other hand, we have a very modern design that is not as versatile, yet makes a bold statement, with the “Inspire Q Lorin Cool Round Glass Coffee Table”.

What makes it so bold you ask? It has a light up LED Accent light attached to it which you can see here:


INSPIRE Q Lorin Cool Round Glass Coffee Table


This is made from tempered glass so it will be slightly more durable. Measuring at 29.5 inches in diameter, it is the perfect size for the light show that insues once turned on. If you have a taste for flair and are looking for a show piece, this is definitely one for you.

These three tables will run you anywhere from $130.00 to $220.00. Easily fitting into a standard budget.

Keeping with the chrome finish, but adding a more elegant touch, we have the “Coaster Home Furnishings 702588 Contemporary Coffee Table” seen here:


Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Coffee Table

At just around 150+ dollars, this gorgeous display of chrome with a nickel finish and glass is the perfect glamour piece. It is highly sophisticated with it’s perfectly curved base.

The glass tabletop also highlights and accentuates the mirror reflection beautifully. This table would be set made for a fairytale if placed in a white washed room.

The cool silver compared to the starkness of different variations of white would give any room a severely upscale vibe.

Also paired with a dark navy blue, this compliments that they would give each other would make you feel as though you were living in someone else’s house.

Want to switch out the medal base, why not try a table with a white base design element? As we see in the “Global Furniture Clear Occasional Coffee Table” found here:


Global Furniture Clear Occasional Coffee Table


The circular designed legs add an extra pop to this piece while the white gloss finish continues the modern and open feel that naturally comes with a glass top table.

This particular option comes with a 1 year warranty which is a great added bonus for it’s lower price of less than 150.

If you have a little extra room to play with but still want to keep with a white glass coffee table, check out the “Panorama Cocktail Table” shown here:



This solid hardwood white coffee table has the added bonus of a tempered glass display top. Each drawer will provide 4 dividers which can be removed if you so choose to do so.

I particularly love that you can choose to use the drawer display as either a showcase or as a very functional addition so you no longer have to guess which drawer something is in.

The practicality of it will be up to you. The lower shelf area is also a great place to store extra books and magazines. This customization comes at a higher price, but is still under $300.00.

Glass tops can bring such a clean, chic and modern edge to most furnishings. Make sure to “ground” them in any setting.

Some people purchase glass tables because they want them to almost disappear, allowing other furnishings to shine.

Others want to make them the showcase. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you take into consideration the traffic flow in your home.

A glass table can be dangerous in a heavy flow area. Also, make sure to invest in a really great glass cleaner!